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Motorized Pantographs

FUSI Studio Lift

The Fusi Lift model Y is a motorized pantograph designed to position up to 3 lights in studios or theaters.

Manufactured in accordance with the most severe safety regulation DIN 15560-46, the Fusi Lift is the result of IFF innovations in the field of suspension systems. It is definitely a clever product, absolutely unique in its concept. The Fusi Lift is the meeting point between pantographs and hoists, as it combines the movability of the former and the rigidity of the latter. Available in 6 models with loads from 55 to 80kg, this extraordinary product is the result of the patented invention of a special double-scissors system, which operate joined together. Projectors, illuminators and a countless range of loads will then have the most flexible possibility of movement, at the advantage of the set organisation.

The Fusi Lift accepts Manfrotto and Avenger clamping systems, as well as being modular with the Top Rail System, and can also be equipped with bars or brackets for the positioning of luminaires, scanners, monitors and others.

Product Code FF2000Y
Category Motorized Pantographs

FUSI Studio Lift


The moving section of the Fusi Lift is a 2 m (6’-6”) long pipe batten with connector strip. The patented double-scissors mechanism stabilizes the batten during operation.

The complete system is under static and dynamic conditions self-locking, which makes susceptible mechanical braking systems mandatory and reduces the maintenance requirements to a minimum. The IFF radial winding drums eliminate any risk of cross winding during operation.

FUSI Studio Lift


Code Extension Closed height Max load Weight
FF2000Y050 5.2 m 17' 0.54 m 22" 80 kg (100*) 176 Lbs 84 kg 185 Lbs
FF2000Y060 6.2 m 20'-4'' 0.62 m 25'' 80 kg (100*) 276 Lbs 86 kg 190 Lbs
FF2000Y070 7.3 m 23'-11'' 0.70 m 28'' 70 kg (90*) 154 Lbs 90 kg 200 Lbs
FF2000Y080 8.3 m 55' 0.78 m 31" 70 kg (90*) 154 Lbs 95 kg 210 Lbs
FF2000Y090 9.4 m 30'-10'' 0.87 m 34'' 60 kg (70*) 132 Lbs 100 kg 220 Lbs
*including overload
Motor CE UL (E217891) / CSA 
Power 0.55 kW 0.75 HP
Voltage 400 VAC (3-phase) 208 VAC (3-phase)
Lifting speed (average) 5 m/min 15 FPM
Lifting cable (2) Ø 2.5 mm x 2 ropes
Speed control optional
Soft start/stop optional
Safety Switches
Operating limits 2 adjustable limits
Intermediate stop optional
Positioning control optional
Over travel protection lower and upper limit (factory preset)
Slack wire detection 1 for each steel cable
Overload detection 1 for each pick-up point 1 for each steel cable
Lighting Bar
Pipe 50 mm Ø (2") 2 m 6'-6''
Connector Box
Folded steel
Lighting circuits 1 3
Receptacles on request L5-20R
Cat 5 1 XLR 5-pin
Mounting brackets
(2) FF3674 60 to 120 mm wide I-beam 2.4'' to 4.7'' wide I-be
(2) FF3605 50 mm Ø pipe 2'' Ø pipe



Dimensional Data

FUSI Studio Lift

FUSI Studio Lift FF2000Y

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